09 February 2015 11:22

Cryptocurrencies are ‘surrogate money’, according to a new draft of the cryptocurrency law proposed in Russia. Gift certificates, air miles, and other marketing bonuses are not.

06 February 2015 14:14

A major producer of bitcoin ATMs is simplifying access to its machines. This change might reflect the reported shift of the company’s focus towards software.

05 February 2015 19:39

The highest financial authority in Italy confirms that dealing in virtual currencies is legal but implies that there are many risks that users, and banks in particular, should be aware of.

05 February 2015 10:06

Coin Center has published a detailed comparison of the revised BitLicense, released by the NY Department of Financial Services on Wednesday, with the previous version. The organisation’s leaders, Jerry Brito and Peter Van Valkenburgh, found the changes that have been made to the proposal “encouraging”.