18 February 2015 23:16

Satoshilabs, the creators of Trezor, an offline bitcoin wallet, are planning to introduce Colored Coins and smart contracts to their service. The company claims that developers who use these blockchain applications should feel free to add support for Trezor to their products.

18 February 2015 19:58

Parkt, a Seattle-based parking reward startup, has added a new feature that allows users to receive bonus points in bitcoins. Customers can redeem points to get a discount for their parking space or withdraw them in digital currency.

18 February 2015 18:00

US Marshals have announced a new auction of the Silk Road heritage to take place in March. 50,000 BTC will be sold in 20 blocks of 2,000 BTC and 3,000 BTC.

18 February 2015 09:23

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) has developed a set of rules to assign bitcoin companies different levels of security.