28 February 2019 13:40

The team of developers of the Coinhive mining script designed to mine Monero on web site visitors' computers announced that the service would stop working due to its economic inexpediency.

27 February 2019 11:45

In the Netherlands, three unknown persons attacked a cryptocurrency owner when he was at home with his 4-year-old daughter. In front of the child's eyes, criminals wearing police uniforms tortured the investor, demanding his cryptocurrency.

26 February 2019 08:01

South Korean smartphone maker Samsung released a new gadget Galaxy S10, which is equipped with a device for storing private cryptocurrency keys. According to the media, it will be possible to store 4 cryptocurrencies in it, including bitcoins and ETH.

25 February 2019 11:12

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinbin, previously known as Youbit, declared its plans to file for bankruptcy after losing $26 million due to employee’s embezzlement.