27 June 2019 15:54

The risk of easing, apparently, was one of the triggers for the recent bitcoin growth, suggests Deutsche Bank executive. In his opinion, the policy of central banks is too aggressive, and investors are moving to alternative currencies.

26 June 2019 14:51

Law enforcement agencies in the UK and Netherlands arrested a group of six cybercriminals who are suspected of stealing bitcoins worth €24 million. There is one woman among them.

26 June 2019 12:20

Bitcoin exchange rate rose to above 11000 dollars – a record high in the last 13 months.

26 June 2019 09:06

Bitlish is pleased to have been invited to join Her Majesty’s Treasury’s (HMT) and Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) preliminary discussions in July 2019 concerning the advent of the EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD).