24 August 2020 11:28

The Apple Store continues to block cryptocurrency-related apps. According to the head of Coinbase, the IT giant demonstrates hostility towards cryptocurrencies.

21 August 2020 11:48

Blockchain Research Lab found witnesses of high levels of fake trading on several crypto exchanges. They urge CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to step up the fight against this practice and display clearer trading data.

20 August 2020 11:29

Over the past year, more than $50 billion in cryptocurrencies was moved from digital wallets in China to other jurisdictions, according to the latest Chainalysis report. Chinese people use cryptocurrencies to bypass financial cross-border controls.

19 August 2020 21:00

Expobank became the first financial institution in Russia to grant an individual bank loan secured by cryptocurrency. The pledge was Waves tokens.