21 June 2018 09:30

Chinese authorities released their second round of cryptocurrency rating, with EOS taking the first place and bitcoin stepping down to 17th.

20 June 2018 15:18

Brian Armstrong from Coinbase recalled that the cryptocurrency market suffered many ups and downs in the past and urged not to lose heart and not give in to emotions. According to him, the period of correction has its advantages.

20 June 2018 10:42

Anti-virus pioneer and crypto evangelist John McAfee told in public that he suffers pressure from the US financial regulator due to his activities as a ICO projects promoter.

20 June 2018 10:40

The pseudonomous owner of, known by his nickname Cøbra, accused several mining pools of centralizing the bitcoin network. He blamed Bitmain of controlling mining pools and threatening bitcoin censorship resistance feature.