18 January 2018 10:24

CoinFox continues its series of reviews of interesting blockchain products. This time, we will tell you about a project that uses the distributed ledger to create a counterpart of Amazon in the construction industry and to improve the business processes of the construction industry. In the near future, the project will start an ICO following the vision of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

18 January 2018 09:29

Messenger Telegram begins to pre-sell the Gram tokens of the future Telegram Open Network platform (TON). Demand for its tokens is fantastic, sources claim.

17 January 2018 09:34

The California office of Visa is searching for a blockchain specialist with eight years of experience in working with distributed applications based on Ethereum. Crypto-community calls attention to the fact that the ecosystem exists only two and a half years.

17 January 2018 08:47

BitConnect, which was repeatedly criticized by the crypto community for being a Ponzi scheme, announced the closure of its lending programme and exchange platform.