The Apple Store continues to block cryptocurrency-related apps. According to the head of Coinbase, the IT giant demonstrates hostility towards cryptocurrencies.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of the US-based crypto exchange Coinbase, tweeted that Apple continues to block applications that work with cryptocurrencies, in particular those aimed at generating profitability using cryptocurrencies, as well as decentralized applications (dApps).

“Apple has been very restrictive and hostile to cryptocurrency over the years. They're still blocking some functionality right now, including the ability to earn money with cryptocurrency by completing tasks, and unrestricted dapp browsers,” Armstrong tweeted.

In December, Coinbase warned its customers that it might be forced to remove the decentralized app viewer (DApps) feature in its mobile cryptocurrency wallet to comply with App Store policies. At the time, both Apple and Google's Android app store Google Play wanted to remove dApps from their stores.

Futurist and crypto enthusiast Jeff Garzik supposed that such a hostile policy of Apple could fuel development of an independent application store.

“Related: This seems like a golden opportunity for a neutral, third party, multiplatform app store. If one existed, one possible Fortnite litigation outcome could be mandated use of/allowance for this neutral app store on both Apple and Android devices,” Garzik tweeted.

Apple, especially its App Store, has been criticized lately for unfair conditions it gives to app developers and publishers. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and game developer Epic Games urged Apple to seek fairer terms for developers.

The company did not comment on Coinbase's claims in any way.

At the same time, the demand for cryptocurrency applications continues to grow. According to The Block, the demand for cryptocurrency apps in the App Store increased sharply during the market crash on March 12-13. The average rating rose 24% in just one day. The Coinbase app rating was up 40%.