08 January 2018 10:52


Tether, issuers of digital analogs of the US dollar and euro, has announced its decision to move to the Ethereum blockchain. It will help to make transactions faster and cheaper.

06 January 2018 15:02

The Hong Kong-based crypto-exchange Binance has announced its decision to suspend the registration of new users. Earlier the registration of new accounts was suspended by Bitfinex and Bittrex.

06 January 2018 14:23

Venezuela is issuing its first batch of 100,000,000 El Petro. There are more than 860,811 miners who have already registered in the Unified Registry of Cryptocurrency Miners. 

04 January 2018 17:03

Ethereum has overcome for the first time $1,000. The growth of Ethereum is mostly due to the optimism investors feel about the reports of the successful launch of Casper testnet.