A major producer of bitcoin ATMs is simplifying access to its machines. This change might reflect the reported shift of the company’s focus towards software.

Robocoin is giving users the ability to register online before using a bitcoin ATM. In the past, customers had to go through many time-consuming steps before being able to use one: they needed to scan their palm and ID, have a photograph taken, and verify their phone number. Now, a user simply needs to verify their email address and phone number online to be able to sign up and create a wallet.

Of course, using fiat currency still requires additional verification steps, but now this can also be done online: the user can authentificate with his social network and upload a scan of an ID. Robocoin claims that the new feature allows users to load bitcoin in their wallets online and only use the ATM to withdraw cash.

This improvement seems to confirm rumours that the company is shifting its focus from hardware products to software solutions. An article published on January 29th suggested that Robocoin has plans “to cease production of physical hardware” because “Robocoin has been plagued by hardware failures on a larger scale than they’re able or willing to support”. Robocoin has previously been implicated in a Reddit scandal when it failed to deliver one of its ATMs in time and in functioning state and then failed to provide good technical support to the customer.

In an interview with Coindesk, Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley did not confirm or dispel the rumors. He maintained that the business of the company is not changing because “our core business has been bringing bitcoin to the world”. He also claimed the company has addressed most of the problems reported by its operators.