The company is offering a bounty of 720 BTC for getting it back.

BTER, a Chinese bitcoin exchange, announced it had lost 7,170 BTC (worth roughly $1.75 million) from its cold wallet in a hacker attack. The company halted all operations for security reasons and has initiated a police investigation.

The message on the BTER website  reads:

“7170 BTC were stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction:
720 BTC bounty for [getting] it back.
All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of unaffected coins will be arranged later”.

Another BTER statement on the Chinese social media platform Weibo Weibo indicates that the hack occurred on February 14. The company reported this to the police the next morning and has been “actively cooperating” with the investigation ever since. To reassure its clients, BTER promises to allow withdrawals in renminbi and virtual currencies other than bitcoin at the earliest possible date.

BTER has already suffered another hacker attack in August 2014. At that time, a malefactor managed to steal 50 million NXT worth $1.65 million.