The creators of the first bitcoin ATM release new software enabling any ATM or kiosk to accept, provide, or transfer bitcoins.

The new software development kit, Cash SDK, was announced on the Robocoin blog with a link to developer documentation on GitHub. According to Robocoin, the Cash SDK allows any kiosk or ATM to “add bitcoin-powered financial services”, allowing clients to “create a bitcoin wallet, buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin”. It would bring kiosk operators more money, says the company, because currently a bitcoin kiosk or ATM generates, on average, over $1,200 a month in revenue.

Moreover, the Cash SDK can be integrated with existing ATM software in just one hour, according to the website. It is easily adaptable and Robocoin promises all necessary support from its engineering team.

In an interview to TechCrunch, Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley called Cash SDK “the culmination of over a year of software development and two years of experience in the space” and said that the company’s goal was “upgrading the world’s existing kiosk and ATM infrastructure into a globally interconnected bitcoin cash exchange and remittance network”.

The news generated a lot of responses from bitcoin users, some of whom imagined how nice it would be to go to an ATM operated by any of the major banks and use bitcoins. Others have pointed to the fact that “no bank is going to allow such system[s] in their ATM”. Some users criticized Robocoin, pointing to the problems experienced with both hardware and software produced by the company and even claiming that “the problem with Robocoin is that they have never developed a product that works”.

Robocoin unveiled the first bitcoin ATM in October 2013 in Canada and has since then installed many others worldwide. However, as Coinfox reported earlier, Robocoin has had hardware failures in the past and has been accused of failing to provide good customer support.