People in Turkey can now buy bitcoins in 300 shops across the country. BitupCard, a Dutch startup, is now selling special receipts through payment kiosks. Later, customer can submit the information from the receipts to the BitupCard website and receive their bitcoins.

The German-Dutch enterprise Bitupcard states that it had made bitcoins available to every customer in 300 shops in Turkey.

“Buy your Bitupcard voucher at one of our partner stores and redeem it online for real Bitcoins”, says the advertisement.

The procedure looks simple. A customer searches for the closest shop on a special map and goes there. In a shop, the customer pays 50 Turkish Liras, 100 Turkish Liras, 250 Turkish Liras, or 500 Liras at the payment kiosk. The kiosk produces a receipt with a special PIN code.

To receive his bitcoins, the customer needs to enter the PIN code on a special website. If the customer does not have a bitcoin wallet, Bitupcard will set one up for them. The German-Dutch company receives a fee of 6% in bitcoin from every purchase. Another problem is refunds: Bitupcard does not offer returns or refunds for cash.

Bitupcard’s “Bitcoin Network” looks inspiring. Bitupcard reached an agreement with the mobile device shop Futuramatik that allows the bitcoin company to place banners and kiosks in central locations.  There are 6 shops in central Istanbul now: customers can buy bitcoins two hundred meters away from the Topkapi palace and Agia Sofia. In Ankara, there are five “bitcoin shops” in the center of the city. Interestingly enough, one of them is a street newspaper vendor and another is a coffee shop.

The two companies that form the Bitupcard consortium are registered in Berlin and Amsterdam. The Turkish state does not regulate bitcoin, but local digital currency companies tend to keep a low profile and sometimes prefer other jurisdictions.