After more than six months in beta period, LazyCoins begins to operate officially. It aims to avoid the mistakes made by other bitcoin exchanges and to become a leader in digital currency.

The launch of the online cryptocurrency exchange, scheduled for March 2nd, was recently announced on LazyCoin’s Twitter account and by LazyTV, a news agency run by the same group. The long testing period helped the company to gather feedback from customers and to improve security issues. According to Danial Daychopan, CEO and founder of LazyCoins,

“We’ve listened hard to the feedback from users during beta testing and have made huge leaps forward, not least in the visual design and user experience. And we’ve been making our security procedures ever more robust to ensure LazyCoins is the exchange people just trust”.

To protect its customers from an attack like the one perpetrated against BitStamp in January, LazyCoins decided not to use hot wallets at all, before they could be convinced they are bulletproof. It intends to keep all funds in offline cold storage, secured with multi-signature keys, withdrawing them three times a day.

Furthermore, according to LazyTV, the exchange received a license as a money business from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). It is now able to let customers exchange British pounds and Euros for bitcoins and a range of altcoins chosen “based on merit and community support”. In its blog, the company warns those who are willing to make “donations to get a coin listed” stating that its goal to use only what is reliable.

In the future, according to the interview given by the LazyCoins Managing Director Peter Heigho to Cointelegraph, the company (which also offers the LazyPay merchant app and runs the LazyTV news agency) plans to be “the first to offer all”:

“A user will be able to pay for their cryptocurrencies, either store or trade with them on our platform, or send them to our consumer-based mobile wallet app. In turn, very shortly, they will be able to use them to pay for meals at restaurants, or for day-to-day household needs such as bread or milk, all within a single system. ... It won't be long before everybody uses [cryptocurrencies] every day, without thinking about it”.

There have not been any press releases on March 2nd. Instead, the company promised on its Twitter account that “the new website will be live this evening”. However, as for now (March 3rd, 8 am GMT), the company website still features the phrase: “Please note that this is a beta version of the LazyCoins website which is still being upgraded with additional features before official release”.

In January, as we wrote, Coinbase claimed to become the first fully licensed bitcoin exchange in half of the American states. However, later the authorities of such states as New York and California denied issuing any licenses to Coinbase.