Diadem Jewellery, a jewellery store in Altrincham, a town 8 miles away from Manchester in the North West of England, launched a website offering customers the option to pay in cryptocurrencies on Sunday March 15th.


The shop, which opened last December, now offers a range of jewellery items in stock to online customers and accepts payments in virtual currencies. At the checkout, users have the option to pay in one of four cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, or feathercoin. They are then given an exact amount in the chosen cryptocurrency, which they have to send to the store's wallet address. The store is not connected to any payment processor and manages cryptocurrency transactions manually, Diadem Jewellery explained to CoinFox. Their general advice for businesses is to ‘go with bitpay or gourl’.

If users do not have bitcoin at hand and need to exchange fiat currencies before making their purchase, they are referred to the Cryptsy bitcoin exchange.

DiademJewellery commented on their decision to integrate bitcoin in an email to CoinFox:

“We decided to accept Bitcoin as we want to provide flexible payment options to our customers whilst ensuring security and speedy payment.”

The store has just opened so there have been no bitcoin orders so far, but the online manager of the new website, Alexander Young, told CoinFox that he expects many customers in the future:

“I truly hope we’ll see a sustained increase over the long term”

He also expressed a lot of optimism about the future of bitcoin in Britain:

“Overall we’re very happy the media is celebrating the arrival of bitcoin and the currency underdog it is. If there’s one thing Britain loves, it’s the underdog.”

This is not the first cryptocurrency initiative among jewellery merchants. An American jewellery chain, REEDS, already accepts bitcoin in its retail stores in 15 states. Last summer, Verichannel, a digital platform provider for jewellery businesses, announced an agreement with Coinapult that would allow jewellery retailers worldwide to accept bitcoin.