Reports about combustible KnC hardware are “rumours and hearsay” and the startup has been “unfairly accused”, KnC Public Relations wrote in an email to CoinFox.


Following reports about complaints filed to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) in Swedish media, CoinFox reached out to KnC for a confirmation or refutation of this information. The company is being accused of selling defective computers that catch on fire and refusing to cancel orders on request. However, KnC has denied any cases of fires regarding their products:

“The biggest companies in any industry are always followed by claimants and lawyers wanting to extract money from a successful company any way they can, in this aspect we are no different to Google, Samsung or Apple and we don't comments on rumors or hearsay. However, there has been no reported fires – that's just made up FUD, as well as the number of persons involved in any legal proceedings,” KnC wrote in an email to CoinFox.

The report about complaints filed with the Swedish authorities was published by the Swedish online portal, and claimed that over 100 customers had experienced significant problems with mining hardware that they had ordered from KnCMiner last year.

KnC have not confirmed any of these and referred instead to an announcement they had published when releasing new products in October 2014 under the title “Don’t Believe The Hype”, which is not available on their website any longer. The notice cautions customers against fraud and asks them not to believe rumours about the company:

“As one of the biggest companies in the space we get our fair share of attention and there are lots of rumors on us going around, being published in online media. Often it's nothing more than click-bait, commonly based on info taken from a fraudulent claim-website.”

In February, KnCMiner received an investment of $15 million from the venture capital fund Accel Partners, which had previously invested in Facebook and Spotify among other companies.