Coinapult have stopped their services to investigate a hacker attack that resulted in the theft of 150 bitcoins from the company’s hot wallet.

The company have published an announcement on their website about the compromise warning their customers no to use their accounts.

“Customers should NOT SEND bitcoin to existing Coinapult addresses starting IMMEDIATELY. This includes Lock Addresses (automatic lock address),” the notice reads.

The company reassures clients that the majority of funds were kept outside the hot wallet. 


When reached by CoinFox, Coinapult confirmed the loss was limited to 150 BTC.

"No further damage identified. Nothing else we can report currently”

Coinapult is a Panama-based bitcoin wallet company, known for its Locks service and for making it possible to send bitcoins by email and SMS. It sees developing countries and their unbanked populations as its target audience. 

Earlier this year, CoinFox reported that the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp suffered from hacker attacks and as a result had to temporarirly suspend their services. On the night of January 4–5, several users reported that they were unable to withdraw funds. Several hours later, BitStamp officially announced the suspension of all operations. Later in the day, managers of the exchange informed clients that it became a victim of a hacker attack. Nejc Kodrič, CEO of BitStamp, assured users that their balances, as held before January 5, were safe. On January 10, the company resumed operations and introduced additional security measures but reported another hacker attack last week. This time anonymous criminals are sending phishing e-mails.