The American company BitWage and Xapo, a bitcoin company, have issued the first payroll cards that allow people to receive part of their salary in bitcoins and spend it in dollars, pounds sterling, and euro.


Bitwage says that the service is now available in 170 countries.

“With the release of this debit card, employees and contractors using the Bitwage system can withdraw and spend United States Dollars, European Euros, and British Pounds directly from the blockchain. For employees working outside of the US, Europe or the UK, the debit cards can pay out in local currencies. By partnering with Xapo, we are able to send the debit cards to over 170 countries”

The company warns that the new service is in beta, but is free to join at this stage.

“Everyone who signs up will receive free Bitcoin debit cards”
For now, the bitcoin payroll cards provided by the American company might not be allowed to be shipped to the USA. Currently, the company is working hard to solve this problem.

A Xapo representative confirmed to CoinFox that the partnership is in place, but did not provide any additional information about it.

Xapo is a bitcoin startup that produces bank cards nominated in bitcoin. In the summer of 2014, a group of experienced entrepreneurs, including PayPal cofounder Max Levchin, invested $20 million in Xapo. The company began to produce bank cards for bitcoin but had some problems with commissions on their operation from the intermediary bank. Later, these problems were successfully resolved.

Bitwage is an American company that makes it possible for business owners to pay a part of their employees’ wages in bitcoin. It has been operating for more than a year and enjoys a solid reputation among colleagues and competitors.