With the integration of bitcoin by GuestLogix, air passengers can now pay in bitcoin onboard aircraft and at other points throughout their travel journey. CoinFox reached out to GuestLogix to find out more.  

Last week, GuestLogix, a global provider of onboard payment technology to over 80 travel operators, has announced it is adding bitcoin to its retail platform. The company has watched cryptocurrency’s continual growth in recent years, especially within the travel industry, a spokesman at GuestLogix said.

“As it’s continued to achieve mainstream adoption we recognized the potential of cryptocurrency as a flexible payment form that could help airlines increase the volume of transactions onboard,” they added.

The airlines can now choose the cryptocurrency option as a payment type  on GuestLogix’s Transaction Processing Engine®. TPE is a technology available on the company’s handheld POS terminals and mobile POS devices.

The company’s representative confirmed that GuestLogix has seen some interest in cryptocurrency payments and the potential of implementing them onboard from several carriers.

“As with all types of payments, each of our airline clients can decide whether or not they would like to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on their flights. An airline will typically look at their customer base and the preferences and trends that their passengers are displaying before making a decision to accept a currency,” they said.

If an airline decides to add bitcoin to their payment options, they do not need any additional hardware or new devices since it has already been integrated into GuestLogix TPE and is available on the existing GuestLogix POS and mobile devices.

The company regards the adoption of bitcoin to be a new and promising step in the travel payment industry:

“GuestLogix is providing a new avenue for bitcoin to grow by opening it up to the onboard environment – something that has not been done before. Combine that with the fact that early adopters like airBaltic are accepting bitcoin when purchasing plane tickets, it’s likely that bitcoin will continue to grow in popularity and acceptance for years to come.”

Latvia’s national airline AirBaltic became the world’s first airline to accept bitcoin payment for air tickets last July. Only one month later, Air Lithuanica announced the availability of payments in bitcoin. Earlier this year, the Universal Air Travel Plan payment operator announced it will be integrating bitcoin. This will make the digital currency available as a payment option for more than 200 airlines.