The Canadian bitcoin exchange Quadriga CX is launching a new bitcoin ATM in Canada’s largest city. More bitcoin ATMs are to follow, all over the country.

According to Coin ATM Radar, there are already seven bitcoin ATMs in Toronto proper and one in the suburbs. So the launch of a new bitcoin ATM is hardly a groundbreaking event. Nonetheless, on Wednesday, April 22nd, guests are invited to “attend the exclusive launch of Toronto’s newest, most advanced, and easiest to use bitcoin ATM with the lowest fees in the city”.

Attendees who are new to bitcoin will receive answers to all of their question and will be shown how to buy, sell, and use bitcoin, while experienced bitcoiners are invited to buy or sell unlimited bitcoin with “absolutely no fees and commissions” on the day. In addition, the organizers are providing free beer and snacks during the event. And, if that was not enough, the “first 30 people to sign up (and show up at the door) get FREE BITCOIN starting at 7pm. Seriously.”, the organizers write. At the time of writing, just three of the 30 tickets for free bitcoin were still available.

The BitX ATM is going to be just the first in a long list of “functional and beautiful two-way bitcoin ATM machines” in Canada, says Gerald Cotton, CEO of Quadriga CX. A number of bitcoin ATMs have been installed in Canadian cities and at tourist attractions like the Niagara Falls by CAVIRTEX in 2014 and proved a failure, but Quadriga CX believes this was only because of hardware problems and poor technical support, rather than a lack of demand. Cotten is confident that Quadriga CX would “continue to provide a superior service”. At the first stage, new machines will not charge any fees.

It was in Canada, in the city of Vancouver, that the first bitcoin ATM in the world was installed at the end of 2013. The second bitcoin ATM was installed by Quadriga CX, also in Canada.

At present, the bitcoin community has mixed views on bitcoin ATMs. There are many new bitcoin ATMs installed in different parts of the world. At the same time, companies like BTCPoint, Bit2Me, and even Robocoin, formerly a manufacturer of bitcoin ATMs, are focusing on creating software enabling ordinary ATMs to work with bitcoins. An even more radical solution is envisioned by Abra, a company that wishes to replace bitcoin ATMs with a network of individual ‘tellers’ – Abra users with smartphones.

CoinFox reported in March that Quadriga received considerable investments from Vancouver’s top brokerage houses, raising about 850,000 CAD, and was planning to start trading publicly on the Canadian Securities Exchange.