Bitpay, a leading bitcoin payments provider, has announce a new software development kit for iOS. It will allow developers to create new apps for the Apple Store built on top of the BitPay processing system.

The company announced the coming of the new development kit (SDK) on its blog:

“This release provides iOS developers the core functionality for cryptographically-secure interactions with the BitPay API. The development kit can be used to manage signatures and BitAuth identities as well as to generate public and private keys”

To put it more simply, BitPay is making available a set of tools that allows programmers and developers to create new applications on the basis of existing BitPay technology. The company hopes that the new kit will allow it to reach a new audience.

“We are excited to see how the iOS development community will build our bitcoin payment gateway into one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms”

BitPay states that the new development kit is a open-source software and welcomes any feedback that might come from app builders.

The payment processor BitPay is one of the most developed bitcoin companies in the world. It aims to integrate digital currencies in many different businesses. As CoinFox reported earlier, in February 2015 BitPay announced a partnership with a company that allows users to order gourmet dinners. In March, it reached an agreement with a Belgian green energy supplier that now allows people in that country to pay for electricity with bitcoins. Some days later, the company announced another partnership with 3DHubs, a distributed network of 3D printers around the world.

Meanwhile, the company also works to increase its influence in the app market. It has suggested a ready point-of-sale solution for small businesses on both iOS and Android. Now, BitPay is making another foray into this field.

Roman Koritzsky