IBM distributed bitcoins in Brasil to demonstrate the power of their cloud service. This happened during the Campus Geek Party. Now Ogilvi turned this event into an advertisement.

A video of an ad appeared on YouTube some days ago under the name “IBM bitcoin commercial”. It tells the story of “bitcoin rain”.

During the Campus Party in Brasil in February 2015, IBM decided to demonstrate the capabilities of their cloud service. After consultation with Ogilvi, IBM chose to do this via bitcoin distribution.

Visitors were able to download a special app (named “IBM Rain”) that allowed them to catch “bitcoin rain”. During the two-day event, “bitcoin rain” (physically unseen) poured over different places at the Campus Party.

During a short period of time the IBM Cloud service was distributing bitcoins to all raised mobiles with the special app in a given area. All in all, the company “distributed” more than $50,000. “Bitcoin rain” reached more than 70% participants of this geek event.
This event and this advertisement are not the only thing that connects IBM with bitcoin and blockchain.

On 13 March, Reuters reported that IBM was looking at the blockchain technology to develop a system of payments similar to bitcoin for major fiat currencies like euro and dollar. According to the news agency, transactions in the new digital currency would be open to everyone via a public ledger in a local currency such as the dollar or the euro. “It’s sort of a bitcoin but without the bitcoin,” Reuters’ source said.