BitPesa, a Kenya-based bitcoin remittance service, has launched a new BitPesa Trade platform, enabling traders to buy and sell bitcoins 24 hours 7 days a week.

BitPesa (“pesa” means “money” in Swahili) offers an international remittance service enabling money transfers to Kenya and Tanzania, and provides a bitcoin buy/sell platform. 

The company’s blog reads:

“At BitPesa, we listen to what our customers say and improve your experience with this in mind. In the last few months, we have transitioned from manual trading to an automatic Buy Bitcoin system and now to BitPesa Trade.”

Now users will be able to buy and sell as many bitcoins as they want due to the unlimited liquidity offering by BitPesa Trade. The process of purchasing bitcoins takes only 2 minutes after pressing the ‘buy’ button. The new trading platform can be installed on any desktop computer or smartphone.

With a BitPesa account users can also calculate the amount of bitcoins in KES, get access to the Bitcoin Price Chart, and monitor the TradeWithBitPesa updates and events. 

Coinfox reported earlier that in February of 2015 BitPesa has raised $1.1 million to develop its services in Africa. In May 2015, the company has expanded its international money transfer services to Tanzania.


Daria Petushkova