According to the licence agreement between Steemit Inc. and cyber•Fund, all active steemians, which is 8,374 at the moment, will receive tokens of the new social network Golos.

29 September, under the licence from Steemit creators, a snapshot of the Stimit social network blockchain was done.

Golos is targeted at the Russian-speaking audience, which currently makes only about 3% of the Steemit community, despite the fact that Russian is one of the tenth most spoken languages in the world. The main purpose of the project, therefore, is to enable bloggers, journalists and all Russian-speaking users to publish quality content free of censorship and prohibition. In the situation when the freedom of speech is only declared but its exercise is being constantly blocked, it is crucial to have a resource where this right can be fully enjoyed.

Golos is a cross-country platform open to Russian speakers in any part of the world.

Golos is a decentralised social network built on a Steem-based public blockchain. To maintain decentralisation, creators of content, readers, miners and referees are economically incentivised with the system tokens. The tokens’ issuance is based on a mathematical algorithm, whereas their price is set by market demand depending on the network’s popularity.

To provide for the network’s decentralisation and stability, 60% of the tokens (GOLOS power) will be distributed in a crowdsale to start 15 October 2016.

The platform team encourages those who would like to contribute to the network’s development – coders, witnesses (miners), those who could help organise the crowdfunding (in particular, the exchange of national currencies to bitcoin) – to make applications on the project website