The blockchain social network has finished an ICO collecting 600 BTC, that is $452,000 or over 30 mln rubles. So far, it is the most successful crowdsale debut in Russia.

Golos (“Voice”) is the first Russian-language distributed social network, built on Steem blockchain. Its first funding round began on 1 November 2016 and finished on 4 December 2016.

Nearly 10,000 private investors have taken part in the crowdfunding campaign, which makes Golos one of the most successful crowdfunders in the post-Soviet space, the press release says.

With the average investment of $50, ten major buyers shared 21% of the available Golos tokens, which indicates the essentially decentralised nature of the platform. Among the investors are about 200 active users.

The guild of entrepreneurs Business Youth contributed about a half of all attracted funds. In the future, the guild plans to cooperate with the platform promoting their ideas and services.

The incentivised social network Golos launched on 18 October 2016. It was created under the licence from Steemit Inc. and, like the parental platform, it rewards authors with digital currency when users upvote their posts, whereas voters and commenters also receive bonuses for their contribution.

There is no censorship on Golos, the platform description states. One’s reputation is the best censor and other users have the power to either raise or drop it depending on one’s actions. About 100 posts and 500 comments are published on Golos daily.

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