Wings is a new blockchain platform to create, manage and participate in DAOs. CoinFox spoke to Stas Osokin – one of the founders and Core Developer at the company.

On 18 November, Wings launched a donation-based crowdfunding campaign, which will last until 6 January 2017.

CoinFox: When did you get the idea to create the platform?

Stas Osokin: The initial idea occurred to us in February this year, which, after some iterations, we shaped into its current form.

CF: At that point, how many people did you have in the team?

SO: The original team had Boris Povod [Blockchain Developer], Sebastian Stupurac [Project & Product Manager] and myself. Other people joined us as the work was progressing.

CF: What kind of projects the platform will support?

SO: The system aims primarily at mainstream players allowing any company or entrepreneur to submit their projects to receive an evaluation from the prediction market, as well as hold crowdfunding campaigns. Because crowdfunding allows these projects to keep hold of their shares, it appeals to them as an alternative to standard venture investments or business angels.

Besides, these projects typically have neither the experience nor the time to get into the technicalities of crypto financing, and this is where Wings offers them a solution and opportunity to stay focused on the business proper.

CF: As Wings creators, do you consider taking part in selecting projects to become DAOs?

SO: Wings is a totally decentralised system focused on the involvement of the community, which, using the “wisdom of the crowd” principle, will filter off and promote various projects.

CF: How do you communicate with the blockchain community?

SO: After implementation of chat bots to communicate with DAOs, we plan to start reaching beyond the cryptoindustry, attract a young and advanced audience and introduce it to the blockchain technology and the way smart contracts work. It’s no secret that, for example, there is a valuable and active audience among users of Telegram that can pick up the idea of autonomous organisations, if presented correctly.

We would like to see projects where not only the creator receives all profit, but every participant can get a reward for their contribution to the project.

CF: Where do you see your platform one year from now?

SO: We hope Wings will give at least a few dozen interesting and promising companies the opportunity to kickstart their ideas. Even if only some of them become major players, it will mean Wings has reached its purpose and also rewarded all the project’s participants.