A bill proposed in the State House of New Hampshire  would require the state treasurer to develop a plan for accepting bitcoin payments for taxes and fees.


New Hampshire is known to be popular with libertarian-minded people. The Free State Project, an agreement to move to the state made by 20 thousand libertarians, was launched 10 years ago. The state’s motto “Live Free or Die” and its permissive legal system, which includes the absense of a sales tax, allows people to drive a motorcycle without a helmet, and does not impose age restrictions for purchasing and carrying guns, attract American libertarians to the area. The FSP website claims that 80% of its libertarian migration target has already been reached.

The bill was introduced by a representative of the Republican party and supported by 7 cosponsors. The text of the bill includes comments from the Treasury Department that note it will “likely increase state expenditures because the Department has no familiarity with bitcoin cash operations and therefore cannot determine in advance how much time and effort will be required to become informed and address the areas of accounting, valuation, and management”. The required date for the submission of a bitcoin plan is July 1, 2017.

The bitcoin investor Barry Silbert has tweeted a link to the bill. Other users doubt that the bill is likely to pass. He commented on the chances of this bill in a reply to one of the commenters: “it is at the state level, not federal. so really depends on NH politics”.