A 27-old bitcoin enthusiast from Luxembourg decides to spend a year travelling.

Around the world in 365 days, paying only in bitcoin or in cash obtained from trading bitcoin with locals. This is the goal Felix, a programmer from Luxembourg, has set for himself as he embarks on his circumnavigation, as he announced on his blog on January 12th. 

He plans to blog about his trip, interview other bitcoin enthusiasts, and share his personal experiences and thoughts on bitcoin.

His first stop was in Prague, a city where more than 40 businesses accept bitcoin. He went there by train, buying an Interrail 30-day pass through all4btc. In Prague, he was able to visit the Bitcoin Coffee shop, which claims to be the world’s first bitcoin-only café, rented a room on AirBnB, and bought a meal in a restaurant by paying in bitcoins. In another restaurant, he convinced the owner to accept bitcoins from him and helped him set up a bitcoin wallet.

The community of bitcoin enthusiasts is waiting for his next step.