A cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign gave Gulnar Hasnain, a Green Party candidate for the British House of Commons, more money than she was hoping to receive.

Gulnar Hasnain, a UK politician that CoinFox has written about in the past, began her cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign at the end of January. Donations could be sent in bitcoins, litecoins, and dogecoins. She initially planned to raise £1,000 but the total sum of donations exceeded this. The money will be used for her parliamentary campaign during the next two months.

Among the 31 people who participated in the campaign, there were some who lived far from UK but decided nevertheless to support Hasnain with their donations. The politician was impressed by this desire to help on the part of “people who aren’t necessarily interested in politics but are interested in change”. She had previously remarked that the Green Party and the bitcoin movement have similar objectives – “more decentralised power, smaller government, a need for a shift in the concentration of power in the banking system, and a more inclusive society”.

In May 2015, she will challenge Kate Hoye of the Labour Party for the seat in Parliament representing the London constituency of Vauxhall. As we wrote earlier, during the 2010 general election the Green Party candidate received a meagre 1,6% of votes in Vauxhall compared to 49% cast for Hoye.

Hasnain is far from being the first politician to receive donations in cryptocurrency. In September 2014, Mathias Sundin won a seat in the Swedish parliament after a campaign funded exclusively with bitcoins.

The previous version of this article erroneously stated that Ms Hasnain collected £1,500 in bitcoin. In fact, she collected £1,500 in traditional crowdfunding and an additional £730 in bitcoin. The text has been updated to reflect this.