Gulnar Hasnain talks to us about her vision of cryptocurrencies and her recent crowdfunding campaign.

CoinFox wrote yesterday about the crowdfunding campaign conducted by Gulnar Hasnain, a Green Party candidate for the London constituency of Vauxhall who, as reported in various media, collected donations in cryptocurrency and received £1,500, exceeding her initial target of £1,000.

In fact, as Ms. Hasnain told CoinFox, this particular sum was collected in fiat currency, through a traditional crowdsourcing site. Two weeks later, she started a second donation drive, this time in bitcoin, through a profile on, later adding the option to donate in litecoins and dogecoins. Through this, she raised a further £730. Ms. Hasnain said this was a “pretty amazing” result: though the collected sum was lower, it took her only two weeks to get to it, compared to one month of donations via a traditional website.

Asked by CoinFox about the reason behind her decision to accept donations in bitcoin, Ms. Hasnain answered:

“The Green Party does not receive large corporate donations, so I decided to crowdsource the money to pay for my campaign in Vauxhall. I decided to accept donations in Bitcoin to raise awareness of the positive aspects of bitcoin and on how a disruptive technology such as the Blockchain can transform democracy worldwide.”

Ms. Hasnain first learned about cryptocurrency in late 2012 when her husband “had caught the bitcoin bug”. She thinks that cryptocurrency will play a big role in the future and it is especially important as a means to give access to the financial system for the unbanked and reduce remittance fees.

Ms. Hasnain has previously also talked about these issues in interviews to the Lazy TV and to Max Keiser.