The bitcoin entrepreneur and former child actor Brock Pierce has been elected as the new Board Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. The organization announced his appointment on Twitter.


Pierce was nominated by his fellow board member Bobby Lee, BTC China CEO, who had been elected to the Foundation alongside Pierce in May 2014. Board members cast their votes 3:0 in favor of Pierce with Olivier Janssens abstaining.

According to the new Chairman’s interview with CoinDesk, he will focus his efforts on reconciling the Foundation and community members:

“A lot of us believe in the Foundation and we believe it can be effective at advocating on behalf of the industry. Some people might say there are aspects that are broken. I say it’s a lot harder to be part of the solution than the problem, that’s why I ran for the board.”

Working together with the newly elected Bitcoin Foundation CEO Bruce Fenton, Pierce will seek to find “common alignment” within the organization and leave disagreements in the past.

“I have a strong desire to work with everyone on the team. We were all elected by the membership, and it’s our job to figure out how to come together and collaborate.”

As CoinFox wrote earlier, the Bitcoin Foundation was recently shaken by a scandal coming from the very top of the organization. One of the newly elected Board members, Olivier Janssens, published a post on Reddit stating that the Foundation was close to bankruptcy. The development of the bitcoin core was also under question, according to the post. The Foundation denounced Janssens’ letter and said that it does not contain any serious facts. Since then, the Foundation’s CEO Patrick Murсk has resigned with Bruce Fenton filling his shoes and a group of bitcoin core developers led by Gavin Andresen has joined the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative.

Pierce’s election as a member of the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors last year was accompanied by a scandal as well. A group of foundation members left the organisation protesting against Pierce’s election and citing his previous involvement in an episode associated with sexual abuse allegations. Pierce dismissed all accusations, saying he had “never [been] charged with anything whatsoever by anyone and was cleared of any wrongdoing” and denied to resign from the Board.


 Nadya Krasnushkina