As soon as the opposition leader Alexey Navalny announced his aspirations for presidential elections in 2018, he started receiving donations, partly in the cryptocurrency.

According to the official website of Navalny’s election campaign, bitcoin is one of the four methods to support his activities, along with bank transfer, Yandex.Money online transfer and PayPal. Because the presidential race has not yet officially started, Navalny’s bitcoin account is registered to the head of his electoral campaign Leonid Volkov.

Volkov shared on his twitter that within the first 3.5 hours after the announcement, they received the total of $15,000, 15% of that sum paid in bitcoin.


As of now, Navalny’s election headquarters quote 20 BTC donated, which equals $15,600 or one million Russian rubles.

Alexey Navalny is known as a passionate critic of current Russian political regime and personally president Vladimir Putin. He became famous due to his multiple anti-corruption investigations.

It is not the first time that Russian politicians appeal to crypto technologies and call for donations in bitcoin. The country’s liberal political forces have already tried to promote and support cryptocurrencies on the national level. Thus, the left-of-centre political party Yabloko included cryptocurrency legalisation and blockchain promotion in their parliamentary election programme. The right-of-centre Party of Growth, in turn, appealed for bitcoin donations during their parliamentary election campaign.

Elena Platonova