The original project Anonym take one of the leading places in the market of modern media applications.

The fundamental principle of the service is the total absence of advertisements and absolute freedom of speech. The developers of Anonym network call the platform an antisocial network, all because there is no censorship, advertising and the registration we were used to. What is that? Is it an audacity or the latest breakthrough in media conception? Is it possible in the modern Internet?

The first release, version 1.0, of the network Anonym was published in Play Market and APP Store in November 2016. The project was launched with a minimum set of functions (News feed of the stories from anonymous users, anonymous messenger, feed of photos, communities and a facility to listen to audio files)

To date, there have been more than 80 updates of the network Anonym.

Moreover, a platform for the Grey Area Media and the website are being prepared.

There are users from 14 different countries in this Volunteer Movement.

The creator of Anonym, Jonathan L., told about the development of the project

Tell about the network Anonym. What’s the advantage over other Internet platforms?

Have you ever wanted to have a place in the digital space, where you can discuss everything without social barriers or prejudices? Where the advocacy for freedom of expression is supported? Where you can create a private community consisting of people with the same mentality? Our basic principle is rejecting any boundaries. I even would say it’s destroying the patterns.

We have created Anonym for those, who are willing to share private insider information anonymously and safely. For those, want to lead news channels staying in the background due to political reasons. In October there will be a platform for the Grey Area Media, so it will be possible to express freely and broadcast real news, without censorship. Furthermore, the net Anonym is helpful for communities which want to find out true preferences of people. During the registration confidential information isn’t demanded to be filled out. And of course, you can share the deepest secrets despite the social ideals and traditions.

The difference of Anonym from other Internet platforms deals with these benefits.

Should we expect any changes of the network Anonym, or is it a complete draft?

Of course, there will be some updates. We work and develop the project. In October 2017 there will be new update of Anonym with an overhauled architecture and functionality of the app such as establishment of chat channels and website and, as it was said earlier, creation of the platform for independent media.

Globally we wish to achieve full autonomy using integration of modern technologies. We are planning to create specialized channels and communities for publishing private content of the network Anonym; to realize blockchain technology for storage of confidential data; to develop internal autonomous financial tools and to modify many other things. Actually throughout the year we attentively listened to all suggestions and comments from the users, engaged in dialogue and found out their true preferences. All innovations are introduced in order to accommodate the members of Anonym.

Is there any other profit for the users of your net apart from the possibility to freely express their thoughts?

Yes, we have established a system of conditional monetization. The users can receive digital coins for some useful actions. The system rewards the participants for creating and publishing content in the network Anonym. Moreover, any information can be kept privately. In the network Anonym it is possible to collect confidential data encrypted with the help of blockchain technology (that’s a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information). One more advantage is a token system (information identification). It enables the users to exchange in the app. Tokens can be received for useful actions (e.g. for creating and publishing content, for moderating posts and managing channels and communities)

What do tokens give Anonym users?

Token holders can make private invitations (invites) in proportion to the amount of tokens. By design of the concept after a 1 000 001 member it will be possible to get into the network only having an invite from one of the users. And beyond that, tokens of the system Anonym are traded on Cryptocurrencies exchange and token holders have a 50% discount on the whole digital content of the system Anonym.

However, I want to remind that the project is a non-profit organization, which doesn’t aim to get an operating profit. The network Anonym was established on a voluntary basis. But there was a suggestion from the users about a possibility of supporting with donations. The average monthly amount of donations represents 6000 USD. In addition, there were also suggestions about the establishment of other functions the users would pay for. To date, we are actively working on it.

Tell if there is any reward to the members of the network Anonym for creating a unique content?

Yes, there is one simple scheme. The user creates and publishes the content, has it moderated and in the end the anonym is rewarded with tokens of the network. They can be put on sale at market value on the Domestic exchange of the network Anonym for other users.

Furthermore, there is a special exchange of invites, which I was talking about. And only token holders (with an amount of 1000 and more tokens) can make these invites and put them on the Domestic Exchange of the network Anonym for the exchange. The scheme seems complicated, but in fact it’s plain and simple. The more active the user is, the more benefits he gets.

Is there any ultimate goal of the developing the network Anonym.

First of all, with the help of our project we want to make the world better. It sounds obvious and trite, but, having liberality and openness, people get a chance to find themselves again. And that really values. Are there any borders in looking within yourself, improving yourself and the world? We stop developing our project in no case, but what will be in the end just can’t be predicted.

Every day we receive offers of assistance to the project Anonym. The users want to become a part of the team. There already are more than 70 members of Volunteer Movement in the network Anonym. That is encouraging! That means that all what we do is not in vain.

The team is creating a single public decentralized media network for free and independent media; it’s almost finished, the major steps are already taken, so join the common cause.

Pre-ICO starts on November 7-12 at 9:00 Moscow time

The amount of tokens is limited, discounts up to 30% are only for the earliest participants

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