08 April 2015 10:39

Rand Paul, a Republican senator from Kentucky, announced he is going to run for President in 2016. He is accepting donations by credit card, PayPal, and bitcoin.

07 April 2015 21:59

Anthony Watson, former Nike CIO and a LGBT activist, has joined Bitreserve to work alongside CEO Halsey Minor as the company’s president and COO.

07 April 2015 10:31

Bitcoin Foundation board member Olivier Janssens has published a post on Reddit, in which he describes his view of the current situation at the Bitcoin Foundation. According to Jannsens, the Foundation has fired 90% of its employees and is in big trouble.

03 April 2015 05:22

Dima Starodubtsev, the Russian ambassador of Colored Coins, spoke at the Business panel of the Moscow Bitcoin Conference about the capacities of the blockchain technology.