26 March 2015 23:25

Two bitcoin startups and one blockchain business have been selected to join the Techstars-affiliated Barclays Accelerator that takes place in London this spring. Greg Rogers from Techstars shared his views on the significance of both bitcoin and the blockchain for the future of the financial industry with CoinFox.

26 March 2015 06:35

Peter D. Gray, Founder & CTO of Coinkite, talked to CoinFox about using the Tor network for cryptocurrency transactions. The bitcoin wallet and software provider has recently announced the launch of its BitKit API, available over Tor.

18 March 2015 06:37

An Australian citizen has confessed to money laundering and drug trafficking in the federal court in Manhattan.

12 March 2015 13:27

Gulnar Hasnain talks to us about her vision of cryptocurrencies and her recent crowdfunding campaign.