26 July 2016 15:17

Technical Director of RosKomSvoboda Stanislav Shakirov has told CoinFox about the consequences of the possible bitcoin ban in Russia and how the group helps to push the issue into the political spotlight.

13 July 2016 06:00

CoinFox meets the creators of the iCoinSoft company - Julia and Alexander Yuriev, the first startuppers in Russia to offer a packaged solution for blockchain asset exchanges.

06 July 2016 15:31

Herman Gref, President of Russia’s biggest bank, believes it would take years for the blockchain to reach mass adoption. As for cryptocurrencies, in Russia they are dead.

21 June 2016 12:52

Even blockchain systems can be hacked. CoinFox discusses the lessons learned by blockchain developers from The DAO attack and the risks inherent in distributed systems with QIWI crypto architect Alexey Troshichev.