14 March 2016 11:58

Following the warning issued by Vietnamese authorities against investing in digital currencies or using them in transactions, CoinFox reached out to the co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam for comments on the situation.

13 March 2016 16:56

cyber•Fund, a decentralised investment service based on the Ethereum blockchain, has achieved USD 70% and BTC 15% profitability over the last year. The company’s founder Dmitry Starodubcev shares with CoinFox how to earn on bitcoin without speculation.

08 March 2016 18:06

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith claims the company receives more and more complaints from the customers while transaction fees are growing and transaction confirmation delays are getting longer than ever.

07 March 2016 12:00

The chief expert at the Bitcoin Foundation has shared his thoughts about the outcome of the recent Satoshi Roundtable, accusing some developers of reluctance to adopt any on-chain scaling solution.