10 February 2016 21:34

Of many countries where the fintech industry is developing, India may have a unique potential. So thinks Elizabeth (Ploshay) McCauley, the Head of Global Business Development in the Indian bitcoin exchange Coinsecure. 

09 February 2016 21:46

The organiser of the first DC Blockchain Real Estate Meetup considers distributed ledger’s future in the sector very promising. The technology is likely to entail buy-in from many actors and eliminate huge losses from fraud. 

06 February 2016 11:31

While bitcoin in Russia is under threat, blockchain technology attracts the attention of the country's key players. CoinFox has discussed the perspectives of blockchain in Russia and beyond with Marina Guryeva, the deputy director of HSE Innovative Lab.

29 January 2016 11:32

Vladislav Dramaliev, co-founder of the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association and founder of the first Bulgarian cryptocurrency exchange and founder of, has been the face of bitcoin in Bulgarian media for a while now. Recently media attention focused on his latest project started in October 2015, namely BitHope, a platform for collecting cryptocurrency donations. CoinFox approached Mr Dramaliev and asked him to share his thoughts on the future of bitcoin and blockchain in Bulgaria and beyond.