10 November 2015 00:44

The founder of most famous Russian Ponzi scheme MMM, Sergey Mavrodi, claims in an interview to FT Alphaville that he is responsible for the recent uprise of bitcoin price.

05 November 2015 10:11

CoinFox asked Dominik Weil, a co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam, to comment on the ongoing bitcoin price surge. 

04 November 2015 15:03

The police took away “everything except the refrigerator” in Mikhail Chobanyan’s house, according to his Facebook remark. He believes that such an attitude from the authorities may deprive Ukraine of future.

01 November 2015 23:59

During the Open Innovations show in Moscow CoinFox spoke to Caterina Rindi, the bitcoin enthusiast and educator who works on enlightment in the sphere of collaborative economy.