Coinrise is a provider of financial services using its expertise in the financial industry to ensure customers get to enjoy competitive conditions, regardless whether they want to trade cryptocurrencies or choose some of the investment products available.

Cryptocurrency trading with Coinrise is currently attractive mainly because of several important benefits that will be discussed in this review. The crypto market is now rebounding and that should bring more people interested to take advantage of the opportunities emerging in the short-term. Coinrise is one of the providers covering these assets and here are some of its top features.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with Coinrise

In terms of cryptocurrency trading with Coinrise, the company is offering low financing rates and commissions, dedicated support, and the best price execution. Transparent and with openness towards new features, it has managed to incorporate new tools that are now helping traders when faced with difficult trading decisions.

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Secure and easy cryptocurrency trading is available via one of the CFD trading account types, providing access to a variety of instruments tracking high-profile altcoins like Dash, Polkadot, Tether, Binance Coin, and Cardano, on top of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Market Knowledge and News

The sentiment is the market is rapidly changing and because of that, access to reliable news and knowledge is crucial. Coinrise currently has a section on its website where traders can see some of the latest price-moving headlines and adjust their trading strategy accordingly.

Cryptocurrencies are now on a more upbeat tone, managing to rebound from the lows and now traders need to have access to information when assessing if the move up can further extend or if the bears will gain control once again.

Account Types with Coinrise

Making sure all types of traders can sign up has been one of the main priorities at Coinrise and that is why 6 different trading accounts are now available. The Mini account is a low-cost solution, boasting no markups and tight spreads, which can be opened with as little as EUR 250. The maximum leverage is 1:200 since this account type is ideal for scalping and high-volume trading.

If some traders want to take advantage of more features, 5 other solutions are part of the offer. The platinum account at Coinrise provides added value via trading signals, an up to 70% welcome bonus, a complete money management plan, and daily market reviews. Silver, Gold, Diamond, and VIP are account types available as well.

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To fund a trading account, it is possible to use credit/debit cards issued by some of the large fintech names, or a wire transfer, in case it’s more affordable. There are no fees charged when depositing via a credit card.

The bottom line

There is still uncertainty about where the cryptocurrency market is headed, mainly due to the risks of regulation. Until that is in the rearview mirror, crypto prices can move up and down impulsively, creating a proper environment for trading. Coinrise is allowing crypto trading using CFDs and that should be appealing to those interested in this asset class.