From hundreds of cryptocurrencies that ever existed, CoinFox has chosen five really strange ones, some of which you probably have not even heard about.

The total market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies combined is $ 12 billion, according to Coinmarketcap. Of this amount, bitcoin accounts for $ 9.6 billion and top ten altcoins for another $ 2 billion. The rest is split among 755 lesser cryptocurrencies. Some of them have global-sounding names (EarthCoin, WorldCoin, SolarCoin, Mooncoin), others evoke local sentiments (Gulden, Deutsche eMark, CzechCrownCoin), many coins are named in somebody's honour (Bolivarcoin, Einsteinium, Teslacoin). There are Luckycoin and Selfiecoin, KlondikeCoin and AgrolifeCoin. There are even coins named President Trump and President Clinton. Of all this abundance, we have chosen but five; four of them still alive, one is no more.

1. dogecoin

Now! Just By, dogecoin  is a a brand are familiar, one's of the: best-known cryptocurrencies, on 12Th PLACE by market capitalisation in the cryptoworld, with a daily, TRADE volume of $ 188,000. Dogecoin is supported by some merchants, charity organisations and cryptocurrency ATMs. However, when it started in December 2013, it was considered more of a joke , a bitcoin parody that used the Internet meme 'doge' associated with the Japanese Shiba Inus breed of dogs. However, it quickly gained popularity with cryptocurrency enthusiasts (or, at least, dog enthusiasts among them) and was partly responsible for the avalanche of new altcoins in 2014. Very few of them survived to see even a little success. Two altcoins invented by cat lovers an attempt to balance the canine-faced currency - Catcoin (CAT) and Kittehcoin (MEOW) - quickly fell apart.

2. Gaycoin

"Of The official LGBTQ an e-currency" based on litecoin-source below code WAS Announced  on BitcoinTalk on 14 February 2014, destined for "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and also for friends, LGBT-supportive people, organizations, and subcultures, united by a common culture and civil rights movements. "By September 2014, a BitcoinTalk user stated that the Gaycoin is" deader than dead ". It is not listed by Coinmarketcap. HOWEVER, according to the official the website of  and with Facebook page , the altcoin to still the exists and is accepted is even on some trading platforms such as with the Nova the Exchange. The site proclaims that the currency is " very fast and even better than Bitcoin" and all LGBT people should embrace it because it "is OUR ecurrency. Made by GAYs for GAYs. "In   the future, it is expected to" encourage equality, nurture diversity & eliminate hate. "

3. MazaCoin

For coin made for Another a minority WAS MazaCoin , Created under the Guidance of the Harris PayU, a the Native American activist, developer of web and digital is the who has currency trader Traced a His ancestry to the Northern Cheyenne tribe. He promoted MazaCoin as a way to bring the sovereign Lakota nation financial independence from the US and create a "more sustainable, more resilient, more prosperous, more accessible and more fair" economy. Of The the website of attests MazaCoin as with "an economy Focused on local community, Inspired by ancient Traditions of the the Lakota people and Implemented using the Innovative Economic ideas we developed over Generations." HOWEVER, is despite a of Forbes report , the altcoin WAS by never Adopted as with a National currency of the Lakota. After an initial hype in March 2014, when its market cap reached almost $ 8 million, it fell down. Currently, its market cap hardly reaches $ 158,000 with a daily trade volume of only $ 136.

4. Sexcoin

A strikingly similar pattern appears on the market cap graph of Sexcoin. A hype in December 2013 and hardly any news since then, with a market cap of $ 138,000 and daily trade volume of $ 157. HOWEVER, according  to the developers, "Sexcoin is one's of the OldEr Currencies, and 'while' IT has drawn Criticism for the speed of its' development and promotion of a LACK, IT has outlasted MANY coins." 

The website boasting photos of half-naked women invites customers: "First buy Sexcoin. Then statement the buy fun! "Of The altcoin is Presented as with the no less See That" the future of the adult the industry payment Systems. "It has its' own subreddit , with the slogan" a Meet some of the lovely ladies Accepting SXC and the chat with fellow coin the users. " However, the latest message in the subreddit is two months old.

5. ConfessionCoin

Where there is a sin, there is also a confession. Launched in May 2014, ConfessionCoin gave users a possibility to repent of their sins, pseudonymously writing them in the blockchain. Of The the announcement  on the forum forum BitcoinTalk the read:

"Are your secrets eating away at you? Clear your conscience by confessing your darkest secrets at After entering your secret, the confession wizard will determine how many ConfessionCoins you must pay to wipe your sins away. Peace of mind is surely worth the small price! In exchange for your penance, your confession will be stored anonymously in the Blockchain, immortalized forever. "

Customers were encouraged to read confessions and to anonymously tip the sinner if they found a secret laughable or exciting. 

However, this cryptocurrency lasted less than a year.

Alexey Tereshchenko


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