The cryptocurrency market is known as a more unstable and risky market than the one of traditional financial instruments.

The brightest illustration of this is the bitcoin exchange rate, which falls and again grows at cosmic speeds, depending on the external (often political) conjuncture. The Stable project creates its own token STB, whose price will fluctuate minimally – which in the long term may reduce the volatility of the entire market of cryptocurrencies. CoinFox asked developers about the design of the project and plans after the ICO.

 The main problem of tokens market is volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrencies exchange rate, founders of the project claim. Moreover, one and the same cryptocurrency can be traded at different prices on different exchanges, adding uncertainty for investors who aim at maximizing profits either at trading crypto- to cryptocurrencies or crypto- to traditional ones. These inefficiencies, according to Stable, prevent large number of potential investors from joining the cryptocurrency markets.

 The Stable project aims at issuing a token, whose monetary policy would make the market more stable, which would lead to a wider distribution of cryptocurrencies in the world. If STB token achieves such a level of volatility that would be 5-10 times lower than that of the main cryptotokens (bitcoin and ether), that would be the success indictor for the project’s team.

 The road map of the project includes 4 stages: the development phase, the stage of the crowdsale, the setup phase and the execution phase. Now the project is operating its ICO – the crowdsale will last until October 1, 2017. The project plans to collect a minimum amount of 750 ETH – this is the minimum level of funds, in which the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and the work of the team will be economically justified. The Stable team emphasizes that if this minimum amount is not collected during the crowdsale, the ICO smart contract will automatically return the collected funds to Ethereum wallets of investors.

 10 STB token will be available during crowdsale for 1 ETH. During its ICO the team plans to distribute 99.5% of all tokens among investors, and the remaining 0.5% will be reserved for miners of the Ethereum ecosystem. The founders of Stable explain that they do not specifically leave part of issued tokens to themselves and do not create a reserve fund. According to their estimates, investors will benefit from the growth of the token rate due to earnings from price difference arbitrage and other trading strategies.

 After the completion of the ICO, the project team plans to focus on settling legal issues – in particular, the founders of Stable will negotiate with crypto exchanges, which theoretically can add an STB token to their trades. At the same time, developers are going to stick to the principle of maintaining a stable ‘day-to-day’ token price. At the same stage, a hired auditor will ensure the reliability of the project’s financial reports.

 Finally, at the execution stage, the project’s software will scan cryptocurrency markets in order to obtain the following data: token, token futures and token swaps prices, swap/borrow rates, bid/ask spreads, commissions/rebate rates. Then the software will assess the opportunities for stabilizing markets in 24/7 mode.

 As reported by the developers of the project, Stable has already prepared the infrastructure and built algorithms – a month after the end of the ICO, the project will be operationally ready. The algorithms employed by the project were previously used to connect to such large international exchanges as the NYSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as COMEX, NYMEX and GLOBEX.

CoinFox wishes the project success and invites all interested to learn more about Stable!