CoinFox continues series of reviews of attractive blockchain products. Esonics, a mining equipment producing company, turns its production into blockchain investment plan.

The blockchain community knows Esonics primarily as successful producer of microelectronics and computer components for digital industry, among other things for the cryptocurrency mining. The hardware made by Esonics is especially popular in Russia but it is sold in Australia, Romania, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France and Japan.

Esonics decided to tokenize its production by issuing the Esonics coin (ESNX). ESNX is backed by the real economy high-tech equipment sector. It will serve as a dual currency:

  • Loyalty program membership;
  • Currency trading on exchanges.

According to the project creators, ESNX has potential to become an attractive cryptoexchange asset due to price increase rapidly compare with traditional blockchain projects.

The Esonics token is especially attractive for hardware buyers who save a lot of money. Loyal customers acquire tokens and exchange them for the Esonics production 30% cheaper than by fiat money.

For instance, a power unit is sold by the company for $300; one token is being traded on the exchange for $1. Then, token holders can buy power unit for 210 ESNX. If the price of the token doubles to $2, loyal buyer will pay only 105 ESNX.

“Independently from the current ESNX token price on cryptomarket, it will be more profitable to exchange it for our products and services than buy these products and services byfiat money” –the CEO of Esonics project Igor Matyukhin explains.

To distribute the tokens, the company decided to conduct a token sale. The company plans to use the funding attracted during the ICO to increase the current production, to expand in the new segments of the market and to establish a single logistics system.

ICO and Esonics Prospects

The Esonics token is connected not to the raw materials or finished products but to the volume of sales. Therefore, Esonics pays special attention to the hardware sales growth.

First of all, last year the Esonics hardware sales grew fivefold, from $45,000 to $220,000 monthly. Important notice: Esonics didn’t launch any intense advertisement campaign. Today, Esonics plans to use marketing tools and increase the sales threefold to fivefold; it would push the ESNX price growth.

The next reason for token growth is adding of new 24 hardware products in 2018, plus to seven already produced. According to the team evaluation, in the first half of 2018 the total volume of sales will grow from current $220,000 to $880,000 monthly.

The third reason for ESNX growth is that Esonics hardware is used as by cryptocurrency market as by other segments of high tech market with much more capacity.

Finally, the project plans to bring ESNX tokens to the market in small portions depend on growth of volume of sales and customers demand for the token.

The company plans to issue 200 million ESNX tokens in total. The tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform in conformity to the ERC20 standard.

The primary distribution of the tokens accomplishes in three stages

  • Presale: October 10–31, 2017 - FINISHED
  • PreICO: November 6 – December 1, 2017
  • ICO: February 19 – March 16, 2018

On the first two stages, an intermediate ESNT token is available; it would be exchanged for ESNX during the ICO with a 20% bonus.

Token price during PreICO: 500 ESNT = 1 ETH.

The company uses a bonus system for participants. The bonus will gradually decrease from 20% to 0%.

  1. November 6 – 11, 2017, 12:00 UTC (15:00 MSK) – 20% bonus - FINISHED
  2. November 11 – 16, 2017, 12:00 UTC (15:00 MSK) – 15% - FINISHED
  3. November 16 – 21, 2017, 12:00 UTC (15:00 MSK) – 10% - FINISHED
  4. November 21 – 26, 2017, 12:00 UTC (15:00 MSK) – 5%,
  5. November 26 – December 1, 2017, 12:00 UTC (15:00 MSK) – 0%.

The start of the token sale (ICO) is planned for February 19, 2018.

It will continue until March 16, 2018.

500 ESNX = 1 ETH.

But bonus system during ICO will be less attractive than during the PreICO.

The project is supported by the Russian-speaking Ethereum community.

The team of the project is led by

  • Igor Matukhin, CEO
    Russian Ethereum community coordinator
    Member of the Expert Council under Russian State Duma (Parliament) Committee for the Development of Financial Technologies i n t he Russian Federation.

  • Denis Soldatov, tech consultant
    The founder of the Russian-speaking Ethereum community, DevOps at Parity Technologies, creator of t he GenEthOS ( operating system f or mining)
    Member of the Expert Council under Russian State Duma (Parliament) Committee for the Development of Financial Technologies i n t he Russian Federation

CoinFox wishes success to the рrоjеct.

We recommend to check Esonics white paper.

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