The iGaming operator Stakers Limited announced its implementation of the smart contracts, based on the Ethereum blockchain system.

The smart-contracts implanted to secure all players’ transactions. To enter into force, smart contracts require signatures by both sides that are digitally hashed. Being signed, the commencement of these contracts is carried out immediately. Consequently, all the odds and payouts are secured from frauds and unauthorised changes.

Malta Gaming Authority is on the threshold of the cryptocurrency legalization. However, it will not happen overnight. While this process is on the way, Stakers Sportwetten players may already fully enjoy all the secured game advantages, provided by the Etherium-based smart contracts. All the Blockchain-powered transactions, as well as data and odds are secured and encrypted, meaning player’s gaming history and bets are always at both sides’ disposal.

Michael Schmidt, company’s business development manager claims: “I am sure that introduction of smart contracts running on enormously powerful shared global infrastructure will serve as a confidence boost for the growing number of our players. We’ve been always promoting the principles of fair play, and blockchain technology makes yet another way to prove it”.

A good while ago the gaming industry was afflicted with the absence of unified effective measures that could guarantee the bookmaker’s activity in terms of security and lawfulness. Quite often popular betting companies were subjected to various accusations, thus the new-coming bookmakers had a rough time earning customers’ trust. is the first iGaming operator struggling to solve this problem.

“We abide to the gold standards, set by our predecessors, yet there is no use denying that today’s sports betting services require a totally new approach. Stakers has already been in the limelight with its innovations for some time and we are going to keep to this path”, noticed Michael Schmidt.

Most analytical agencies consider the smart-contract system, based on the blockchains to be a quite promising, particularly, IBM forecasts that by the end of 2020 nearly two-thirds of banking operations will be conducted with the help of this technology. Blockchains may be of benefit not only to the business, but to many other spheres, as they provide the transparency and security of all the data, along with the high transaction speed.

Presenting the most secure way of transactions handling, blockchain are likely to capture its own niche in in today’s electronic commerce. is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. License number MGA/CL2/1306/2017