CoinFox continues its series of reviews of interesting blockchain projects. This time, we are speaking about the Russian developer project Crypto Patriot that collects funds to build a trade and entertainment mall in Tyumen.

Traditionally, a project that starts an ICO is associated with crypto assets and blockchain. However, projects belonging to the real sector of economy also often use ICO to collect necessary funds. One of the advantages of such cases is the fact that the collected money is backed with a project existing physically, and not only in the digital space.

One of such projects is Crypto Patriot, collecting funds to build a trade and entertainment mall in Tyumen, Russia. The team plans to construct the mall with the help of investors who would invest in project by acquiring PPMT tokens and then would be able to touch dividends from the lease of shopping space or sell tokens on crypto exchanges.

The concept of the trade and entertainment mall is following: the ground floor of the building will be occupied by a farmers’ market that would attract a large flow of buyers interested in natural products. Patriot Mall should become the first such project in the Eastern Administrative District of Tyumen because the district has never had a trading facility regrouping shops of different kind. That is why the team hopes to attract a great number of buyers and leaseholders.

According to the plan, the space of the mall will amount to 35,194.3 sq. metres. At present moment, the authors of the project concluded partnerships with most potential leaseholders. The organisers have also signed the agreement with the agricultural companies of the Tyumen Region. The company sponsoring the project has already invested $5 million but to finish the construction of the mall it plans to issue internal tokens and use the ICO to collect necessary 34,020 ETH tokens. The founders of the project assume that the mall will begin to function a year after the necessary funds are collected. As for the first dividends, the investors will be able to receive them already three months after the opening of the mall.

The key element of the Crypto Patriot project are the Patriot Project Mall Tokens (PPMT) that will be linked to the gross leasable area of the mall under construction: every PPMT will amount to 0.01 of square metre. Thus, every token holder will have a right to the part of the leasable area and will receive dividends from the lease of shopping space.

The creators of the project affirm that the pattern of investment is both hybrid (being a combination of stock investment and real estate investment) and flexible, offering a range of tools to reimburse the initial investment.

The tokens will be issued only once, on the base of the Ethereum platform. The total amount of tokens available will amount to 1,800,000. 99.5% of tokens will be distributed in the framework of crowdfunding while 0.5% will be used for bounty programmes. During the ICO, 1 Ethereum token will be exchangeable for 40 PPMT. With that, during the pre-sale that will start on 15 December 2017, there will be a system of bonuses for the acquisition of tokens.

CoinFox wishes success to the рrоjеct and recommends those who are interested to get to know its white paper! You can also read about the project in Telegram and in Twitter.