Within less than ten years since the creation of the bitcoin, the hackers stole more than $2 billion in cryptocurrencies. Over the last several years, the annual profits of the cybercriminals amounted to $200 million. As the cryptocurrency rates grow, hackers attack centralised exchanges more and more frequently, stealing the customers’ assets.

The low security continues to be the main drawback of such platforms. However, the number of decentralised exchanges stays low because they have a number of other negative sides: insufficient speed of transactions, absence of professional trade instruments and low liquidity. The team of the EVEN project, consisting of individuals with many years of experience in large IT projects, has made an important step towards creating a next generation platform for cryptocurrency exchange combining the advantages of both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

The EVEN platform will enable the traders to use more than one hundred traditional trade instruments and carry out transactions with the speed of 100,000 operations per second, comparable to the efficiency of Visa and MasterCard payment systems. The network will be based not only on its own blockchain with a storage protected by a security deposit but also on a p2p network that would accept trade orders and carry out transactions with the help of a master node network.

The use of the blockchain technology and security deposits in the EVEN cryptocurrency will guarantee the higher level of customers’ safety. The portfolio of orders is planned to be placed in the p2p network, and the exchange platform infrastructure will be made of a network of master nodes. The exchange will use the algorithms DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) and DSD (decentralized security deposit). The exchange will allow transactions not only in cryptocurrencies but in fiat currencies as well, with the help of partner banks. The integration with liquidity providers will also be possible, these providers being integrated into platform as traders. The decentralised exchange will be the first product based on the EVEN platform. However, the team plans to create an easy-to-use and secure ecosystem for the creation of the decentralised financial services. The code of the EVEN platform will be open source. External services will be able to use the system as an Open API to create their own solutions. For instance, users will be able to create smart contracts, to store their digital assets in the EVEN cryptocurrency, and to issue tokens and list them on the exchange before the ICO. It would be possible to use the platform for cryptocurrency transactions and, with minimum fees, to change crypto for fiat in a vast geographic area, and for decentralised depositing. The participants of the platform would be able to make money supporting the functioning of the master node network. The infrastructure will enable them to perceive fees for transactions, with the payback of investments reaching up to 100% in 12 months.

The primary concept of the EVEN project was created and worked out in 2017. According to the project roadmap, the creation of the prototype is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018, alpha version will be available in the fourth quarter of 2018, followed by beta version in the second quarter of 2019, and the full-scale launch is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

The closed presale of 8 million EVEN tokens will take place between 1 and 26 April 2018. The open presale of 19 million EVEN tokens will start on 26 April and continue until 4 June.

The main stage of the token sale will take place between 4 June and 3 August 2018 with a soft cap of $5 million. The ICO will be carried out in five stages with the largest bonus on the first day of sales.

The first stage is scheduled for 4 June (until 30,000,000 tokens are sold).

The second stage will take place between 5 and 12 June (until 40,000,000 tokens are sold).

The third stage will take place between 12 and 19 June (until 60,000,000 tokens are sold).

The fourth stage will take place between 19 and 26 June (until 87,940,000 tokens are sold).

The fifth stage will start on 26 June and take more than a month. All tokens not sold before will be offered for sale. Investors who buy more than $10,000 / $50,000 / $150,000 worth of tokens will be able to obtain an extra bonus of respectively 3% / 5% / 7%/ A flexible referral program for the partners of the project will also be available.

After the release of the platform, the ERC tokens will be proportionally exchanged for the EVEN tokens, easy to use on the EVEN platform.

The roadmap of the project plans following distribution of the funds if hard cap is reached: 10% will be used to pay the salaries, 18% for the development of software solutions, 20% will account for legal expenses and the costs of establishing a network of fiat-to-crypto exchanges, 46% will be spent on marketing and 6% - on operational expenses.

More about the team and the plans of project development: http://www.evenfound.org/en

WP: http://www.evenfound.org/assets/files/EVEN_WhitePaper_EN.pdf

Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcDs5OoBi2c&feature=youtu.be