28 September 2017 14:11

The cryptocurrency market is known as a more unstable and risky market than the one of traditional financial instruments.

19 September 2017 14:24

A year ago Kibo team introduced the concept of first gaming platform build on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contacts.

15 September 2017 12:25

CoinFox continues to overview interesting blockchain-based products. Today it’s the time for the Snovio – the first decentralized platform for collecting potential clients contact data (so called ‘leads’.)

02 August 2017 11:16

Let’s say, you decided to create a blockchain-enabled project. You might want to store data on products, manufacturers, vehicles. Then it makes sense to debug every node at each stage — several times. But we have a problem: adding records to a blockchain comes at a price, and the price might be pretty high.