11 July 2016 16:06

Bitcoin block mining reward has decreased from 25 to 12.50 BTC. So far, it does not seem to have any significant impact on the community except for proving one more time the stability of the protocol. 

04 July 2016 20:47

The world of social media is changing fast, decentralisation being one of the most disruptive trends. CoinFox takes a closer look at four decentralised social media platforms to see what makes them stand out.

30 June 2016 08:08

Bankruptcies, lawsuits, thefts and information leaks are inseparable companions of any big business, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. CoinFox recalls the most scandalous failures of the blockchain industry.

28 June 2016 10:16

The DAO, an Ethereum-based investment platform, was hacked on 17 June 2016. The unprecedented breach affected the entire Ethereum ecosystem prompting CoinFox to take a closer look at its post-DAO perspectives.