Emercoin has surpassed $1 due to information about the new protocol version.




While Altcoins gain more traders’ interest, the Bitcoin share in the total cryptocurrency capitalisation has fallen to less than 50%. The Emercoin exchange rate began to rise at the end of April. Within 24 hours between 12 and 13 May, Emercoin had added almost 50% in value and reached an all-time high of $1.04. Later it decreased slightly, returning to below the $1 mark. Currently, Emercoin trades at around $0.9259 per token. Its capitalisation has surpassed $37 million, jumping sixfold for the year to date. According to CoinMarketCap, the main exchange platforms for Emercoin are BTC38 with a 78% share and Livecoin with 8.3% of the total trading volume. The Emercoin price surge is due to the release of the new protocol version, Emercoin Core 6.2, it includes an embedded cryptocurrency exchanger. The main achievement of the new version was the removal of the final remnants of centralisation (centralised alerts and compulsory dynamic check-points). Earlier, in March, Deloitte unveiled DocSensus, its solution for e-document flow control based on the Emercoin blockchain and aimed at protecting documents from unauthorised changes. Furthermore, Emercoin solutions were added to the Red Hat certified software catalogue. Red Hat is an US-based software company and provider of Linux-based open source solutions. Rising traders’ interest towards Altcoins is the main trend of this year. The total market capitalisation of all the Altcoins has grown 16 times since the beginning of 2017: from $2.188 billion to more than $32 billion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s share in the world’s cryptocurrency capitalisation has been going down. As for now, the cryptocurrency accounts for 48.3% of the total capitalisation, compared to 87.56% in January 2017. The Emercoin Project was launched in December 2013. The main Emer-based services are EMCSSH, a system for key public infrastructure and management, EMCSSL InfoCard, a decentralised distributed business card system, and others. The Emercoin developers are Evgeny Shumilov and Oleg Khovaiko.