Developers of solutions on the Emercoin Blockchain and Papyrus promote the distributed ecosystem in which advertisers and advertising Internet sites can enter into transactions to place ads online, without intermediaries.

A Russian company has developed Emercoin, EmerCoin Link Exchange (LNX) is a decentralized platform for the sale and purchase of advertisements, which market Internet-advertising self-regulation. According to the head of Emercoin Evgeniya Shumilova in the ecosystem, the advertiser gets the opportunity to set the price he is willing to pay for advertising your product and each site may accept or ask for their services more. It changes the usual agents (such as campaigns in Google AdWords, BingAds and others) which set high minimum prices for clicks and impressions, cutting off from the market of digital advertising companies with a small budget.

Also by eliminating intermediaries Playground does not lose 50% of the fee for advertising and is able to withdraw the funds without a fee. As a means of accounting and exchange between the ecosystem participants will use the token-EMC, which emits the platform Emercoin. With them, advertisers pay for clicks and post contracts. The project also provides for Emercoin LNX protection for advertisers from fraudulent Internet sites (generating fake clicks), a site from unscrupulous customers. A similar project for Internet sites, users and advertisers is being developed by the Russian team Papyrus.

As planned, the owners of Internet resources will also be able to save on the costs of intermediaries, as well as to better understand the demand for advertising space. Users, in turn, will be able to control which ads they see and what data to share with advertisers – in return, they will receive payments in the cryptocurrency. According to the newspaper Kommersant, recently the project has attracted $1 million from private investors. According to the newspaper, the "local currency" of the system will be the PPR tokens issued by using Ethereum.

The project plans to conduct a limited pre-sale of tokens and to provide a prototype ecosystem in August-September, then begin experimenting with the integration with traditional ad networks and platforms and carrying out ICO. Material about Emercoin Link Exchange on a Medium can be read here