The blockchain platform Emer with its own cryptocurrency Emercoin will reduce transaction fees, and create records in the blockchain, by 100 times.

The Emercoin cryptocurrency-based Blockchain platform Emer will reduce the fees for transactions and creating blockchain records by 99%. Thus, the EMC coin will become 100 times more valuable in terms of functionality.

As of now, the Emer network charges a fixed commission of 0.01 EMC on all transactions, which converts to $0.01 at the current rate.

After the cut, the transaction fee will drop to EMC/USD 0.0001, and the fee for creating arbitrary records in the Emer blockchain will become EMC/USD 0.0005 instead of the current EMC/USD 0.05.

The Emercoin blockchain serves as a basis for many distributed services, including those used for data storage, and many businesses already use it for testing out their blockchain-based projects. The hundred-fold cut in the fees will allow to correspondingly reduce the costs required to roll out large-scale blockchain infrastructures — such as those allowing the creation of digital certificates via EmerDPO, a distributed ledger for ownership of products and intangible assets.

To start working with Emercoin, just download a wallet for your OS (supports Windows, Linux, and Mac). You can also test it out with free coins using the Emercoin TestNet.