The project already collected the applications around the world from 655 investors

In the amount of 9 622 226 USD main countries:
China - 4 675 400
India - 2 020 301
Ukraine - 1 045 700
Thailand - 1 001 300
Russia - 469 525
Vietnam - 101 200
Turkey - 75 300

Selling tokens for PRE-ICO was not made on the marketing team and development team GAMECOIN has spent his own budget of $ 414 USD 500
For investors GAMECOIN following conditions on the day I ICO:
Bonus program (additional tokens to paid for the basic course):
30 - 50 ETH +10%
51 - 100 ETH +15%
101 - 300 ETH + 20%
301 - 1000 ETH +25%
1001 ETH +30%

The first hour of krautsalat +15%
The second hour of krautsalat +10%
Third to forty - eighth hour of krautsalat +5%

A little about me - I'm co - founder of the holding Crypsis - hardware IT/blockchain developers (MBA) Advisor GameCoin.

Now a little about the project:

GAMECOIN is characterized in that it is aimed at comprehensive solution of the problems of the gaming industry - gamers and game manufacturers. Other projects currently existing, focused only on one side. The second point - we are creating a brand new blockchain with its own rules of consensus and mining, as well as a dynamic block size that can withstand the load of a large number of users. Existing projects use the Ethereum blockchain or Bitcoin, which greatly limits throughput.
The third line is a platform for crowdfunding - that is, we offer personal project to raise money through our platform.

It's like kickstarter, only focused on the gaming market and with the possibility of attracting both cryptocurrency and Fiat. In his whitepaper we stated the goal of increasing the revenue of the gaming industry 3 times.
It's really with certain conditions, firstly the scaling on the main market players - manufacturer online games. This may take a few years, but the positive dynamics of individual companies we are able to show in 2018. Now we are actively recruiting partners, many of which will be posted here after the ICO.
After conducting krautsalat GAMECOIN goes to the exchange and Livecoin Yobit

Token GAMECOIN is a commodity, not action. That is, is neither the founders nor investors of the risks associated with regulators.
I, over the years career in the real sector has created a number of successful projects in the logistics and e-commerce. In this regard, the experience and expertise of project management and development of the team has a stylish side.

The mechanism works:
Currently most games are distributed under “Free to play” and are able to monetize no more than 10% of the total audience. The project GAMECOIN is developing a tool that will allow you to profit from free users without any restrictive measures and Intrusive advertising. The point is simple - GAMECOIN provides an open API for integration of gaming algorithms, based on which the game replaces virtual money created GAMECOIN cryptocurrency. Since the transition to cryptocurrency, GAMECOIN effort and time spent by users on results, generate a certain amount of cryptocurrencies added to the wallets of users.

At the same time, defeats, bad decisions lead to its burning.
The cryptocurrency, GAMECOIN, you can pay for a subscription, a license, in exchange for in-game items, to donate, to send somebody to convert on the exchange in Fiat and withdraw. The result is a win-win picture - people play for free, but wasting your time and effort create value, which is monetized to the content in the form of cryptocurrency or Fiat currency after exchange!