CoinLoan project - a platform for lending secured on cryptoassets – is successfully implementing the concept of fast, safe and mutually profitable lending based on blockchain technologies.

Due to CoinLoan, a lender can provide riskfree loans on a regular basis and a borrower can receive loans on favorable conditions.

CoinLoan simplifies the procedure of lending, borrowing loans and investing into various projects.

It's very easy to borrow a loan in CoinLoan. You have to sign up at the system and deposit a cryptocollateral. The borrower will immediately receive funds in the amount up to 70% of the current cost of the collateral. No fees, peddled insurance or red tape!

Funds can be withdrawn to the bank card of the borrower or via international wire transfer. A borrower can also use fiat funds at CoinLoan as s/he sees fit, e.g., providing a loan to third parties on appropriate conditions.

A pleasant bonus! CoinLoan project will issue its brand plastic cards. Funds can be withdrawn or deposited on such cards without any fees.

After the loan repayment, the cryptocollateral will be fully returned to the borrower. During the period of loan usage, the cryptocollateral cost can increase.

So CoinLoan provides the following advantages to borrowers:

  • the loan amount depends only on the cryptocollateral cost
  • the borrower may use fiat funds immediately
  • the cryptocollateral is immediately returned in full amount after the loan repayment.

When working on CoinLoan platform, lenders can provide any number of loans on appropriate conditions. Due to CoinLoan, users who have free funds can provide them to other people on safe and profitable conditions. Lenders' funds are reliably protected in the CoinLoan system because they are secured on the cryptocollaterals of borrowers.

CoinLoan platform provides the following advantages to lenders:                                                          

  • funds are secured on cryptoassets
  • personal and automatized deal control
  • the highest level of information security.

To our opinion, corporate users will also appreciate CoinLoan platform. The right moment should be chosen for raising funds. As a rule, working with institutional investors or issuing company shares lasts for months. CoinLoan platform helps companies to get sufficient financial resources in a few minutes and spend them on development, for instance.

CoinLoan project is in good progress and complies with its road map. We are preparing for obtaining licenses and approvals required for work of financial institutions. It is notable that CoinLoan project will use the features of its platform for fund-raising.

We are also preparing for Pre-ICO which shall be held soon - on September 29, 2017. Please note that the participants of Pre-ICO can significantly increase the cost of their deposits in CoinLoan after the ICO which shall be held in the 4th quarter of this year.

We have developed and published White Paper for project investors and platform users. It contains practical cases and detailed information on the peculiarities of the platform.


Detailed information on the CoinLoan project has been published on website Please check out the project White Paper which describes real cases of working with the platform. Sign up and join our community!

Need advice or want to ask a question about how to work with CoinLoan? Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..