One of 21 block producers in the EOS network did not update its blacklist with addresses implicated in fraudulent transactions, and as a result allowed double spending.

EOS community is on fire with concerns about the controversial management model of the EOS network. One of the block producers, Simon of the EOS Store, was harshly criticized for not being able to prevent double spending due to "private affairs". According to a community member Daz, Simon “failed to update [his] blacklist,” in which a new address suspect in fraudelent activities was added, and his ignorance led to a loss of funds.

When asked by one of the members of the EOS community why he did not update the blacklist and did not participate in the assembly of block producers for two days, he replied that he had "private affairs" and added that he has other things besides his work for the EOS.

Фото Леонида Морозовского.

It is worth noting that a EOS block producer is paid $10,000 per day for holding the post.

Meanwhile, the EOS director Dan Larimer suggested to rewritr the constitution of the project.

He believes, that it is necessary to reduce powers of arbitrators and limit them to solving issues related to vulnerabilities, code issues and consequences of hacker attacks, he wrote in the Telegram channel EOSGov.

To rewrite the constitution, it is necessary to gain support of at least 10% of the holders of EOS tokens with at least 15% holders partecipating in the vote.