The modern world is developing extremely fast. Simultaneously, we face neglect of the environment and the people’s health more and more often. AQUIX company has decided to oppose these negative phenomena, producing modern, highly efficient technological equipment.

Being open to innovation, the company management has decided to develop the business by moving to digital assets. Today everyone can become one of AQUIX co-owners. By 2020 all investor deposits will be protected by the blockchain and will look like classic tokens.

1 share = 1 AQX coin

  • Investing in the company share you invest in AQX coins
  • Each coin is ensured by the real production
  • Coin withdrawal to the foreign exchange by 2020

Let's look at the basic data about the company, as well as whether it is worth investing in AQUIX now.

The main technological innovations developed and implemented by AQUIX

The company has already developed and is implementing in various fields the two main devices:

  1. Cavitator - a device for the production of environmentally friendly and easily digestible natural energy.
  2. Izonator - a special device for air purification and saturation with useful properties.

Cavitator operates on the principle of cavitation, changing the molecular structure of water or stream, which receive a specific charge of energy, which is then transmitted to a person. As a result, we obtain a drink which helps to get rid of drowsiness and fatigue better than several cups of coffee. Moreover, in contrast to caffeine, this drink has no bad impact on human health.

Besides, AQUIX offers special flavor capsules with useful additives and microelements that will not only make the drink taste better, but also significantly increase its benefit for the body.

The main advantages of Caviator:

  • The release of hydrogen molecules which further cleanse the human body.
  • The water after cavitation delivers useful elements to human cells more efficiently.
  • The water after cavitation allows human cells to spend less energy on assimilating useful elements.

 Izonator is a device, making the best air at the area of its installation. It works for:

  • Air purification.
  • Air heating or cooling.
  • Air ionization.

This device allows you to clean the air from dust, bacteria, spores, fumes, aerosols and other elements. Depending on the requirements, it heats or cools the purified air.

At the final stage, ionization (saturation with positive ions) is performed, and it makes the air around the device similar to that on the sea coast.

Basic legal data about AQUIX

The project team consists of diverse people who perform different roles to achieve a common goal. The key performers are:

  1. Artyom Balyakno – Chief Executive Officer and an experienced sales specialist. Artyom leads Sales Department and works out the strategies for the future development of AQUIX.
  2. Andrey Chentsov - Executive Director and a scientist. As chief engineer, Andrey leads a team of professionals developing key technological innovations of AQUIX.
  3. Oleg Polezhaev - Chief Legal Adviser. Oleg leads a team of legal experts who ensure the legal stability of AQUIX.

The company has a legal status in Georgia and pays taxes (tax number 402113565). Today AQUIX is recognized as a company with great future by the government of the country. It is also among the startups that receive state benefits and support, according to the obtained status of a resident of the special IT zone of Georgia.

Why is it safe to invest in AQUIX?

This project stands out among the majority of one-day startups, aimed at disappearing after quick money collection.

Firstly, this is confirmed by the official status in Georgia, which is easy to check on the Internet. Secondly, being within the framework of the European legal system, a startup offers transparent investment rules with a full range of guarantees:

  • The new investor immediately receives the electronic documents, confirming the contract conclusion.
  • The new investor immediately moves to the official list of company co-owners, and it differs from ordinary share purchase.
  • Investments will be highly profitable due to the loyal attitude of the government and friendly conditions for IT projects.
  • The project will not "die" because of new sanctions or restrictions, as It is completely legal and hassle-free.
  • AQUIX will conduct regular audit in accordance with the global standards.

In general, the project finds a positive response among people today and allows us to make good forecast for its future. AQUIX is the company, trying not only to develop business and profit, but also to improve human life. It is worth doing to contribute to the implementation of such a good goal, especially when you can also benefit from it.

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